Welcome to Horizons Online!

If this is your first-time logging into Online Banking, here's what to expect:

  • Confirm the Online Agreement - This is the credit union's online disclosure.
  • Change your Password - Change your password making note of the instructions that appear at the top of the screen.
  • Answer 3 Security Challenge Questions - These security questions are used to verify your identity when suspicious activity occurs on your account. If something is suspicious, you will be prompted to answer one of these questions. If you answer incorrectly 3 times, you will need to contact our call center during normal business hours.
  • Enter/Update Email Address on File -These steps are necessary to help us maintain a high level of security on our online banking products.

Some internet browsers may save user names and passwords. This will automatically complete any login for you and may allow people at your computer to use your logins without knowing your passwords. For your security, please review your internet browser's "Help" section, or contact their Customer Support, to see if this option is available and how to turn it off.